Our Story

AAA was created in late 2014 when four of us (two experienced trustees and two senior corporate finance executives) came together with the view of changing the trustee landscape within DB schemes.

The ‘Eureka’ moment was when we all agreed that there was no reason whatsoever for a DB scheme to be managed any differently to a business. The same standards should apply in respect of efficiency, savviness, risk management, governance and reactivity.

A challenging thought indeed, but good people always need high ambitions.

We also decided none of us would work as a ‘Lone Ranger’, instead operating as a team making the full scope of our combined capabilities available to each client.

That would be our signature difference – appoint AAA and you get a team.

We like orange, do we?

To deploy our unique positioning, we choose this deep orange colour, which reflects our energy, our contemporary approach, and the fact we are a dynamic group dedicated to making things better for all our stakeholders.

Our first appointment came in January 2015 and was a thrill. Since then we have grown rapidly over the ensuing 18 months. Our clients appreciate our approach of dedicating the requisite resources to the efficient and ‘real time’ running of their scheme whilst also keeping in reserve additional capacity to actively deal with specific projects that inevitably arise. We believe this is the result of our mixed skill set of trusteeship and corporate backgrounds. We have already built a track-record of delivering results and making real change to the schemes to which we are appointed.

That’s a long speech for a short life – but rest assured – in ten years it hopefully will not be any longer because that is what we are doing what we intended to do, and what makes us, at AAA, different.

AAA Trustee, who else?