Our Philosophy
A pension scheme could and should be run as an efficient business

We bring a different approach to an established industry. We offer noticeable results in terms of operational efficiency because our business plan is more than a simply calendar of event.

We offer you:

  • Pro activity
  • Day to day reactivity
  • Proper focus on asset and risk management
  • Long term strategic plan

Try us, you will feel the difference!

Collaborative approach

When appointed as part of a larger board of trustees, we work hand in hand with our fellow trustees. Our first task is to support other colleagues by providing professional expertise. We provide a solid foundation to decision making using experience gained from the other trustee boards on which our representatives sit.

Unity creates strength.  Experience creates rationality.

Redefining the “Business as Usual” model

By “BaU” we mean running the day to day life of a scheme in the absence of any change in the environment and ensuring it is run smoothly, like a cargo ship in calm sea.

How does it work?

  • We bring to the board-room:
    • Multi skilled team approach and support
    • Regular decision oriented meetings
    • Fully budgeted and cost focused regime
    • KPI/benchmarking
    • Robust governance
  • You get
    • Pace, focus and professionalism
    • Concise decision making processes
    • Strength in conflict resolution
  • Resulting in an excellent outcome for the scheme

Our vision is to progress matters and solve issues!

Special situation management model or projects basis

We do not believe there is anything such as “BaU”, do we?

Quite often AAA is appointed when the sea is not so calm.  We have a proven track record for achieving beneficial outcomes in potentially challenging multiparty negotiations which may otherwise have been caught adrift at sea.

  • Examples:
  • Significant changes in the employer balance sheet
  • Debt restructuring
  • Spin-off of key assets
  • Type A events and dealing with the Pensions Regulator
  • Preparing for mergers and acquisition transactions (merging schemes or companies)
  • Dead lock in negotiations between the employer and the trustee board
A multicultural cross-border approach

The UK occupational pension environment has specific features which are not always recognised in most countries outside the UK.  Our team brings together British and international expertise to ensure a seamless link with employer representatives from diverse cultural background.

We speak your language, both literally and in business terms.

“We focus on UK pension schemes with foreign employers”

Compliance and regulatory
  • The compliance and regulatory requirements will only become more demanding; at AAA we have experience running fully regulated businesses both in the UK and internationally.

    We have been there!

  • We interact on regular basis with the regulator on a “no surprise” basis.
  • Also we watch carefully the evolution of the regulatory framework, including other financial services regulation, to ensure we stay well head on the best practice front and set your scheme up on those standards.
  • We, AAA Trustee, are responsible for the future outcome of a scheme, not for a momentary aspect of its life span.
  • AAA is totally independent.
  • We make decisions in the best interest of the scheme and nobody else’s.
  • While we have been operating with numerous advisers, we do not have a vested interest in any other party providing services to the scheme.

No conflict of interest, YOUR SCHEME, and only your scheme!