Why Us?

New, and already an impressive track record!

After only two years of existence, AAA Trustee has already gained trustee appointments to schemes with assets under management totalling £5bn. How can that be? People want to work with us because we manage your scheme as an efficient business.

Contact us, even just for a chat, and see what we can do for you.

A strong team

We always operate as a team. This means that you will have a lead representative from our company supported by an alternate of similar calibre. We have now been working together for a while. We come from a variety of backgrounds, providing a unique breadth and depth of knowledge and diverse range of experiences. Our team also includes professionals with pension administration, actuarial, legal, investment and finance experience.

We are the experienced crew to help you navigate through the fluid and sometimes choppy seas of the pensions world!

Investment strategy

We believe that the investment returns have to actively contribute to reducing a scheme’s deficit. We view the triennial valuation as our business model for your scheme trajectory. We aim for the trustee board and the sponsor to agree to a risk appetite for the scheme reflecting the strength of your covenant. By agreeing a long-term strategy for your scheme, we will help the board create a healthy tension between legitimate risk aversion and your fiduciary duty to provide the best possible outcome for the members.

We are not risk adverse; we are like you: risk savvy

A simple offering that focuses on DB schemes

AAA Trustee predominantly focuses on DB trust based schemes (although a number of our appointments also contain DC sections) as such schemes can have more skeletons in their closets. We are expert and proficient in dealing with all the key areas which directly impact a scheme’s liabilities.  

Ask us for a copy of our ‘Top Ten’ issues AAA Trustee for a DB scheme, what else?

Challenging and pro-active

AAA Trustee is a dynamic and innovative team. We work constructively with all stakeholders to manage your scheme in a thought-provoking way, improving your operational efficiency, organising your governance, identifying and bringing under control your costs. We will challenge, improve and deliver a ‘clean’ and manageable scheme with the utmost proficiency.

Our members, our clients, our advisors notice that we are in the job.

Cost reduction

True story, home-made.

We believe the cost of managing your pension scheme must be reasonable and justifiable, just like any company, without any variation of quality of service provided to members. We simply ensure the work undertaken by the trustee, the support provided by the employer, and the services provided by the advisors, are properly defined, allocated, organised and controlled. Quite obvious when you think of it – but this requires a bit of work.

We will establish a budget for the scheme and stick to it