Our Services

AAA Trustee is an independent trustee company dedicated to the Defined Benefit pension space and has the knowledge, expertise and experience to operate in a number of roles.


Is there anything we can do for you?


Your Trustee

We are happy to operate as:

  • One of your trustees as part of a wider board
  • Your Independent Trustee
  • A Corporate Trustee Director as part of a wider board
  • Your Sole Corporate Trustee
  • Your Chairman of Trustees

In appointing AAA, you will appoint a trustee who is willing and able to work alongside a number of different stakeholders, advisors and providers.

With us you will always get pro-active, focused and professional input, providing strength in decisions and conflict resolution (should any exist), to ensure a concise process, resulting in an excellent outcome for your scheme.

We are AAA Trustee, the professional ‘Active, Agile, Avant-garde’ Trustee you’ve been looking for! 

Your Scheme Secretary

The role of Secretary to Trustee(s) is becoming increasingly challenging as the Regulator raises the bar for trustees and legislative change adds complexity. Without great organization and effective management, trustees may fail to comply with their many duties, and none of us would want that to happen. The Secretary to Trustee(s) is therefore essential to the operation of the trustee board.

At AAA Trustee Limited our Scheme Secretaries are fully conversant with the intricacies of trusteeship. We go beyond the standard parameters usually associated with this role and become a central and integral part of the team running your pension scheme.

Let us worry about the 90% of the iceberg you don’t see!

Your Independent special situation support

When the sea is not so calm, we are ready to help you. We are even happy to come in for a short period of time, either as part of the board, or as sole trustee. At all times, we will provide you trustees who:

  • are comfortable operating in multiparty negotiations
  • Hold the rhythm and manage the tempo of heavy negotiations
  • Are a pro-active force rather than a dead-weight
  • Understand the corporate finance jargon
  • Understand the importance of confidentiality 

The alternative approach to the anchor weighing you down