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Case Study Two

The background: our client and their situation

The client is a multi-divisional construction company, with a DB scheme where the in-house personnel did not have the time to look after the Scheme properly, due to the demands of their ’day jobs’. 

The issue and our goals

The Scheme was not ‘moving forward’, with issues remaining unresolved for long periods of time.  Our aim was to ensure that the Scheme was 100% compliant, in-house personnel were freed up to focus on their ‘day jobs’, the employer felt that matters were being brought under control and was more aware of its responsibilities towards it.

How we managed the issue

AAA Trustee Limited was appointed as both Scheme Secretary and Chair of Trustees (two-person appointment).  A top to bottom compliance review was carried out and an action plan was formulated and implemented.  The action plan included a full investment strategy review and an assessment of all service providers.

The result

We turned a struggling Scheme not working efficiently for the employer or its members into a fully compliant Scheme, bringing operational costs under control and managing all Scheme activities in an efficient and timely manner.